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What is Relinquishing?

A tale of what led Kate to no-mind, no-thing and no-one.

Andi (spiritual teacher)

In 1993, I had the distinct  pleasure of meeting a woman that became my first spiritual teacher and changed my mind about all of life! Her name was Francis M. Watkins and was best known by her nickname Andi.

Andi was an extremely amazing woman. She was a magnificent artist, illustrator and scholar. She earned her PhD at Cornell University.  She retired in Boynton Beach, FL and later moved to Edgewater, FL with her husband. She loved animals and nature and was awesome at directly speaking out about the illusions of life and suffering. She taught me how to meditate and later how to RELINQUISH ALL FEAR. 

Relinquishing can best be defined as the process of detachment of conditioned beliefs and behavior templates. Relinquishing is not a religion or a spiritual practice but a methodology used to directly breakdown falsehoods or illusion of “I”. Some prefer using the word “ego” or “mind made self”. Ultimately Relinquishing is a tool used in the process of detaching from suffering.

Through the relinquishing process four things occur.


What does this mean? Simply summed up that ALL  of suffering is FEAR. It is ALL mind-made/man-made .  FEAR is fiction. It is created within  the conditioned mind. This conditioning begins when we are born and continues until we pass on.

How does Relinquishing work? Relinquishing works by deconstructing conditioned behaviors, ideas, concepts, and thoughts (essentially  all the crap we believe and allow to shape who we are). All these concepts that we allow to perpetuate our suffering are simply rooted in fear. To utilize a favorite movie quote: “Never underestimate my sneakiness”:

Fear truly has many many disguises and here are some very common ones referred to as G.R.S.P.’s  (pronounced  “gursps”)


And let’s not forget about these other very popular fear-disguises known as H.H.P.’s


So what now? Well lets get on with it then…

Here is your very first relinquishing. Are you ready? The entire purpose of this blog is intended  to blow all minds away!

“Thank you I AM for denying me the knowledge on the first, best, optimal way to proceed, Thank you I AM”

Signing out for now… 

Kate/ I AM

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And then there was nothing….

Words gone, thoughts gone, mind gone, FEAR …. All gone!

Wow! Is there a head still attached to this body, wait a second, who or what is this body? Why does if feel like I am floating and nothing is fixed?  Where did all the anxiety, and rushy rush need and desire go? What the heck just happened here?  Talk about rebirth, um, yeah, something like that…. words are actually hard to formulate to describe things.. Hmmm… need to experience more before complete thoughts can be shared about what the heck just happened….. But one thing is for sure (well not really, lol) “Kate that was” is not “Kate that is” or even the “Kate that will be”….

Stay tuned as the story of Kate has ended and something else is going on here….