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And then there was nothing….

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Words gone, thoughts gone, mind gone, FEAR …. All gone!

Wow! Is there a head still attached to this body, wait a second, who or what is this body? Why does if feel like I am floating and nothing is fixed?  Where did all the anxiety, and rushy rush need and desire go? What the heck just happened here?  Talk about rebirth, um, yeah, something like that…. words are actually hard to formulate to describe things.. Hmmm… need to experience more before complete thoughts can be shared about what the heck just happened….. But one thing is for sure (well not really, lol) “Kate that was” is not “Kate that is” or even the “Kate that will be”….

Stay tuned as the story of Kate has ended and something else is going on here….


Author: Simply Begin

This being formerly known as "Kate" was born in 1973 and raised in South Florida. She now resides in Northern New Jersey with her beloved. Her occupational resume is long and detailed including but not limited to: Relinquishing Guide, Martial Arts Teacher, Singer/Song Writer, Dog/Child Sitter, Certified Nursing Assistant, Reiki Master Healer, Healing Touch Healer, Painter, Gardener/Weed Puller, Dishwasher, Toilet Cleaner, Food Preparer , , . This " Jane of all trades, Mistress of Some" is presently embracing only the present moment. Awareness is all there really is..... Come and see for yourself!

One thought on “And then there was nothing….

  1. This seems to be happening a lot these days–woosh! Waking up world.



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