Truth, Freedom, Happiness & Joy

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It has been quite a while since words came from these fingertips… And as life happens, there is less and less attachment to all things, thoughts, beliefs, etc… When emptiness is, fullness just happens. Holding on to expectation, projection, and perception are the mind’s minions… Judgement, opinion/complaining, pride are the ego’s tools holding us hostage in an illusion that doesn’t exist…

Live life and drop the fear as that is also the mind playing tricks… And remember there is no one, no body, NO thought that ever did anything… All is energy rising, falling … being.

Listen more! Laugh more! Love More! And damn it, just let go! Free falling is the only way to fly!

Kate/ I am  signing out….    🙂

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When I was a kid, I can remember a children’s book I owned entitled: “”The Big Tidy Up”. It was well used and very worn. There were several torn pages and the inside front cover had green crayon scribbled on it by it’s previous owner. Despite its wear and tear I always remember it being a favorite read. Essentially the book was about a little girl that took part in the cleaning up and cleaning out of her very messy bedroom. I can remember using the book as a step by step guide when I was told to clean my room. I would actually follow each page like an instructional manual with slight adaptation to each listed task. In fond memory of that book comes the title of my latest article. During Spring, many seem to participate in a frenzy of cleaning projects. Sometimes the projects are small, such as, going through closets and donating items. Other projects involve bigger and more organized efforts like renting dumpsters and cleaning out basements. Ultimately though, all cleaning projects have one thing in common, creating space. When the desire appears to grow, change , or evolve we ultimately need space in order to fulfill this transformation process. The same can be true of AWAKENING. Everything must be cleaned out in order to create space. Our entire lives we collect concepts, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions about everything including and not limited to people, places, and things.  But when we awaken to the truth of what we really are everything changes radically and it all falls away. Shiny materialistic items lose there luster. Earned awards, degrees, and certificates of accomplishment once revered and coveted are now just pieces of paper hanging on the wall in glass frames. Reputation is not cared or bothered with and even money is no longer a concern. All of these things once so important literally fall away. Identification is no longer needed. Trying to realize, understand, and accept this when you are still spiritually seeking is like trying to explain the concept of fire to someone that has never seen it before….not really possible. Best advice I ever heard was from Jed McKenna, “Come see it for yourself!”

Truth, Freedom, Happiness & Joy to ALL

~Kate/ I am 😀


Um, the filter is gone and I’m a bully!

Recently a friend and I had a falling out because of words used in an email. The content was unadulterated human drama. First a defensive position was taken, then an injured ego, then perpetuating cycles of explanation, then more hurt feelings and on and on it went…. All of it was exhausting to read and even more complex to try to sort out. The more words used in any attempt to detangle from the misunderstanding the deeper and deeper the drama continued… Words are often a trap of the mind! Then a realization came to the surface: fear is REALLY completely gone from whatever is left of Kate (no-body, no-thing, no-mind)….And with fear gone, the ability to listen to someone try and fool themselves and (the apparent) me also left. The position they were taking was defensive and ego-based and was identified immediately. And all I was doing was perpetuating the cycle simply by continuing to respond in effort to point to truth. During the event and afterwards, I attempted to remain completely in observation mode. Then took additional time to reflect on what happened. Needless to say it was very odd to feel what was arising. Did Kate become completely indifferent to human emotion? Was she compassionless? Was she just a big mean person now? Then something even stranger occurred! I began laughing and couldn’t stop. These questions were really funny. A realization, understanding and acceptance then arose that when “big bad fear” is gone, his little cronies: “opinion” and “belief”take a hike too. Without these conditioned beliefs present, life becomes quite humorous. Through this process something else surfaced too. A message/memory of something I read recently came in….Lori Ann, (a fellow blogger ) wrote about a disagreement she had with her boyfriend. Something that caused him great suffering to the point he was going to end their relationship. She suggested calmly and with out resistance, to take some time and if you still feel this way in a few days then so be it -(Lori -pardon my paraphrasing your words…) And I had done something kind of similar, I suggested to my friend, “when you are done reacting and taking this personally call me and we can speak in person or over the phone”. Immediately after this statement ALL obligations to fix it were gone. Also it was observed that there was quite a different vibrational feeling, I was no-longer invested in anyway to the event or the outcome. Previously there always existed this “effort to fix” misunderstandings including the actions of “taking inappropriate responsibility of another person’s reactions”. And this was always accompanied by residual guilt and then an apology in “effort to fix”. Oddly enough I reconnected with some old friends on Skype, Penelope and Nick. Several years ago, we spent a lot of time in Satsung and I also participated in a silent weekend retreat. Let’s just say they were the first to pop my spiritual-seeking cherry! Nick is a Spiritual Teacher of Self-Inquiry. He also has a new book available (book info below). Penelope, his beautiful and talented wife specializes in publishing, writing and is also a Certified Biofeedback Technician. My fondest memory of her was during a silent retreat, I had a major break through following a dynamic meditation. She sat with me while I recovered from it so to speak. She is truly an angel and I am so happy to have reconnected with them, especially now that Kate is a no-body! I digress…. During our Skype visit the subject of the “filter being gone” came up. I mentioned that I was adjusting to having “no filter” and that it recently created a lot of reaction. Nick chuckled and said, yeah, isn’t it interesting when your resistance to “what is” has disappeared but others are still resisting. I reflected on this message and then concluded inside myself that when the mind goes, anything goes!!! So on that note I would like to share a link to Nick, his info and book.

Thank you both for your friendship, love, & support, you continue to be a spiritual compass pointing directly towards truth and living a liberated life!

Truth, Liberation, Happiness, & Joy to all! ♥♥♥

Thank you I am for this moment!

~Kate/ I am 🙂


Yoga Mat Reincarnated

When your once well revered yoga mat used for 17+ years in a dedicated & masterful EFFORT to relax & quiet the mind suddenly reincarnates into a  cushiony object for your knees while planting a flower garden, its probable that YOU ARE AWAKE !

~ Other observations indicating wide awake-ness/awareness :

  • You catch a friend blatantly lying to you and you smile in full acceptance that it is all just happening.
  • Your partner comes home from work to find two hideous, one hundred pound columns installed by the gas company in the newly paved driveway, in full reaction mode he removes the beams, and you simply watch quietly in full acceptance that it is all just happening.
  • Money in your checking account is dwindling; your savings account is gone; you have been technically unemployed since November 2011 except for the occasional odd job, yet there is NO FEAR present inside you, NO FEAR as to how you will continue paying your bills because you are in full acceptance that it is all just happening.
  • You travel 1300 miles back to your parents home, to stay for a week and completely enjoy yourself with out distress or negative reaction of any kind because you are in full acceptance that it is all just happening.

So far these are the most immediate observations and Kate is still nowhere to be found.  All the reacting has ceased. All the fears and anxieties have dissolved. All the judgment, blame, resentment, and opinions have simply disappeared. No more resistance, no more needing or desiring to control actions or outcomes. And most notably, as living a liberated life happens, the view is crisper, cleaner, warmer, and filled with endless space.

Occasionally I look in the mirror checking to see:  “Am I still here?  Did I some how endure a head injury and just forgot it happened? Did the alien ship finally arrive and I am now just a host for some extraterrestrial? ”


Every moment I attempt to test and look for loopholes. Every moment I pull back the curtain to check for the wizard, and so far the only discovery made is this…



Thank you I am for this moment!


Thank you I am for ghnow, awarenessishere, harish rajpal, padre ralph, brenda blasingame, knowthesphere, heoalchemist, ram0ram, just bliss, nomad grad, frank, tanveer raug, cheryl, daria and anyone else I failed to mention. Thank you for following Simply Begin, your comments, compassion, and support are truly appreciated! Sharing these stories/events with all of you continues to be another amazing happening! It was always an intention to connect with people globally, never did it occur that one can Simply Begin by starting a blog!!!

And Kate also thanks you for sharing your adventures with her!

Truth, Freedom, Happiness & Joy to ALL

~Kate/ I am



Today was again, truly awesome and I am happy to report Kate is still no where to be found! Many seem to have exact dates and times that they can hold up and say: ” I woke up on such and such date”, that is not something known, it was much more gradual for this being. And it seems like as more of the awareness resides, the less I know about anything and the more nobody I become which is really cool. Its very refreshing to actually not know stuff and be a nobody!! It allows for a limitless abyss. And then a question arises: “What do we really know?” This seems to be the million dollar question as of late. But I digress, back to the dirt! Approximately 5 hours, give or take, were spent clearing out all the debris from remnants of last year’s epic failure of a flower/vegetable garden. This being my first time gardening, LOL, since the apparent awakening it was really frickin’ cool! I discovered a new “aha” moment too. Nature kicks major pa-tootie. All the years growing up as a landscaper’s daughter, I always did the work because it was an expectation. And even up until last year (when I turned 38 and have been out of my parents house since 17), I did the work still because that’s what people do in the Spring, they plant shit! So there was the same behavior template laid out in front of me. I immediately began laughing at the memory of last years struggles. All the resistance against the weather, then the endless frustration about the deer, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, ground hogs, mold, and bugs. At one point there was an actual belief that the squirrels and birds were deliberately messing with me, as they took turns digging up all my new seedlings. I remember being convinced that it was all a CONSPIRACY!!!! Yes, I had issues and that is absurd, but also a beautiful example of “Victim Mode”. Today though spawned a new revelation! Here I was (apparently) doing all this work and it was completely effortless. I stayed in neutral and unattached to everything as it happened. Completely aware at all times. Robins were feeding on worms that I had uncovered; Phil (short for Phylis, our very pregnant ground hog came over to visit for a bit & munched on some nearby greens); squirrels were doing there usual race and chase, and here I was like in a scene from Snow White, singing and whistling while I worked. No fear, no anticipation, not even thoughts arising, just presence. Never have I felt so completely connected to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants! At one point I actually sat in the center of the soon to be flower garden, grabbed and held fistfuls of dirt and rocks, and weeds. WEEDS!!!! I enjoyed pulling weeds!!! Ironically, I even felt high and still do but do not take drugs! How is this possible? To feel “high on life” but no chemicals in the body? Is it possible to become addicted to the NOW? Not sure, but I have to say, being one with it all IS super cool and highly recommended! All in all, today was another magnificent day and the death of kate and the life left behind of drama is not missed one bit! Today’s most magnificent discovery was this: DIRT IS TRULY GOOD! Stay tuned for more observations of living in the present moment! Truth, Freedom, Happiness & Joy to ALL! -Kate/ I am signing off…..

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Disclaimer: “Relinquishing” is a methodology that may help with quieting the mind. It  “directly points” to deconditioning the fiction that has been programmed into us since birth.  

RELINQUISHING is not a religious or spiritual practice.

 – Please create quiet space 2-3 times a day (only 5-10 minutes is necessary per session).

–  Meditation is a plus but not required, use whatever relaxation method that suits you as long as you are not compulsively thinking or doing something.

– Please remember: You are perfect, no matter what arises & falls there is no right or wrong. Life is just happening. Only our thoughts & beliefs create suffering/pain and continue to perpetuate the illusion/unconsciousness. EGO (what Kate refers to as: ” the little shit”) loves to use thoughts and beliefs as they are its primary power source. Listening to your mind will make you a victim of fear, guilt, remorse, pity, punishment, “poor me’s” and create pain.

–  Relinquishing on a regular basis keeps EGO (the little shit) in check and create space for love, happiness, serenity, peace, truth, freedom, liberation, creativity, and relaxation into what is now.

–  Life is always about choice, and ALL misery is created by EGO (the little shit).

–  When you take the initiative to truly Realize, Accept and Understand: I am, you become accountable for all actions and reactions.

–  Free Will is the ability to choose how to act and react to all situations, circumstances, people etc. So in essence, the only one responsible for misery/pain/suffering/illusion/unconsciousness is The Little Shit! What does this mean? Well essentially there is no more blaming people, circumstances, situations, things for unhappiness. That is just a trick of The Little Shit. So stop it!


“Radical change happens when it is realized, understood and accepted (I am)~ that things, people, places, circumstances will NEVER bring true happiness (consciousness/awakening). These will only perpetuate compulsive mind/ thoughts/ beliefs and keep us completely unconscious. You will know when you are there when you are no longer in opposition to what is happening in each moment”- Kate/ I am 😀

~Much Love, Truth, Freedom, Happiness & Joy to you

Okay, now for the nitty gritty  5, 4, 3, 2, 1, …….. Ready, set, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relinquishing #1  

“Thank you I am for denying me the knowledge on the first best optimal way to proceed; Thank you I am for optimal guidance free of EGO; Et al ad infinitum, Thank you I am.”  

Relinquishing #2

“Thank you I am, I reject and relinquish each and every, any one or more and all fears, beliefs, causes, sources, and behavior templates; All Sources- that manifests a memory of an event that induces, produces, generates and or creates a belief; All Causes that are reactions to the experience or event; All Reactions that form a belief and manifests it’s emotional content; Et al ad infinitum, Thank you I am.”

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Dance of the Seeker/Sufferer

A conversation with a friend inspired this article. So here is an apparent “neon flashing message/sign post/ direct pointing ” that may be of interest to help de-mystify and deconstruct what we think we know…. 

When one is seeking for the truth it is extremely difficult to unwrap the mind out of illusion.

Largely because there is still this thought-pattern of “a destination we must get too”. There is still the concept of “emotional baggage we need to rid ourselves of first”. “Once I clear out all the negativity from my thoughts and old reactions and patterns, THEN I can get there, I will have arrived!”

All this IS the illusion. This is the mind/thoughts/beliefs/ego, that perpetuates the story of a separate identity!  This is exactly what Jesus, Buddha, Ramana Marharshi, Osho, Mooji, Ganga-ji, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Parsons, Lisa Cairns (and many more) are attempting (apparently) to describe!!!


But…. the Seeker/Sufferer (fictitious mind made self) continues to dance in “thoughts”, “fears”, “beliefs”, “should’s”, “could’s”, “would’s”, “ought’s”, “what if’s”. The madness of the mind is the human drama, the human condition of seeker/sufferer. It is all artificially manufactured in the mind and is the mental noise that prevents us from realizing, understanding, surrendering and accepting the I AM!  So the Being Formerly Known as Kate (apparently) hopes you stub a toe hard enough (yes it can be painful) in the  Dance of the Seeker/Sufferer and finally surrender to letting go of everything you thought was true, TRUTH & HAPPINESS Just IS !!! ITS FREE! NO BOOKS, NO METHODS CAN TAKE YOU THERE! Cause you are all ready there!!!

Disclaimer: this doesnt mean you have to stop your practice of meditation or methodology, it is just important to realize, understand and accept that there is no destination, YOU ARE THERE !

“Come see for yourself!” Jed McKenna



-Kate/ Is-ness


What is Relinquishing?

A tale of what led Kate to no-mind, no-thing and no-one.

Andi (spiritual teacher)

In 1993, I had the distinct  pleasure of meeting a woman that became my first spiritual teacher and changed my mind about all of life! Her name was Francis M. Watkins and was best known by her nickname Andi.

Andi was an extremely amazing woman. She was a magnificent artist, illustrator and scholar. She earned her PhD at Cornell University.  She retired in Boynton Beach, FL and later moved to Edgewater, FL with her husband. She loved animals and nature and was awesome at directly speaking out about the illusions of life and suffering. She taught me how to meditate and later how to RELINQUISH ALL FEAR. 

Relinquishing can best be defined as the process of detachment of conditioned beliefs and behavior templates. Relinquishing is not a religion or a spiritual practice but a methodology used to directly breakdown falsehoods or illusion of “I”. Some prefer using the word “ego” or “mind made self”. Ultimately Relinquishing is a tool used in the process of detaching from suffering.

Through the relinquishing process four things occur.


What does this mean? Simply summed up that ALL  of suffering is FEAR. It is ALL mind-made/man-made .  FEAR is fiction. It is created within  the conditioned mind. This conditioning begins when we are born and continues until we pass on.

How does Relinquishing work? Relinquishing works by deconstructing conditioned behaviors, ideas, concepts, and thoughts (essentially  all the crap we believe and allow to shape who we are). All these concepts that we allow to perpetuate our suffering are simply rooted in fear. To utilize a favorite movie quote: “Never underestimate my sneakiness”:

Fear truly has many many disguises and here are some very common ones referred to as G.R.S.P.’s  (pronounced  “gursps”)


And let’s not forget about these other very popular fear-disguises known as H.H.P.’s


So what now? Well lets get on with it then…

Here is your very first relinquishing. Are you ready? The entire purpose of this blog is intended  to blow all minds away!

“Thank you I AM for denying me the knowledge on the first, best, optimal way to proceed, Thank you I AM”

Signing out for now… 

Kate/ I AM